vle packages distribution

VLE provides its own packages distribution (see Package Distribution). It contains packages for modeling extensions, outputs and tools.

The VLE packages provided by this distribution are :

  • vle.output : management of simulation outputs (file, console, etc..)
  • ext.muparser : required for vle.forrester only
  • vle.extension.difference-equation : modelisation of difference equations
  • vle.extension.differential-equations : modelisation of differential equations (Euler, RK4 and QSS2 integration scheme)
  • vle.extension.decision : modelisation of decision processes
  • vle.extension.dsdevs : Dynamic Structure DEVS
  • vle.extension.fsa : finite state automata
  • vle.extension.petrinet : modelisation of petrinets
  • vle.extension.celldevs : cellular automata
  • vle.extension.cellqss
  • vle.forrester : Forrester based modelisation (system dynamics)
  • vle.examples : some VLE examples and packages tests

Install packages using the CLI option remote

vle --remote update
vle --remote install vle.extension.difference-equation

Install packages by downloading the source code

The URL of the distribution is : http://www.vle-project.org/pub/1.1/. A global archive is also provided on the VLE website : VLE 1.1 specific page.

Install packages using the package repository

The source code is on a separate github repository: https://github.com/vle-forge/packages.