Windows Installation

Uninstall VLE 1.0 or 1.1 If you have already install VLE 1.0 or VLE 1.1, you may: Uninstall the previous version Remove the remaining variable PKG_CONFIG_PATH (only earlies versions) Uninstall/remove the Mingw32 compiler (if not needed by another application) Uninstall CMake (if not required by another application) Installation of VLE First, download the installer from this website VLE-2.0.0.exe (257M MB) and install VLE in a path without spaces.


Sources and Binaries VLE is available as source (src and needs to be compiled) or as binary (bin and just be executed) dependently to your platform. Name Details Linux Windows 7+ MacOSX 10.10+ VLE VFL, vle, gvle, mvle, cvle tar.gz (src 885K) exe (bin 348M) zip (src 1.2M) PyVLE Python port tar.gz (src 86K) zip (src 103K) zip (src 103K) Rvle R port tar.