Introduction The vle extension vle.ode allow to model and simulate ordinary differential equations (ode) into VLE. It provides three numerical methods for integration of ode: Euler: referred below as a time slicing method Runge-Kutta 4: referred below as a time slicing method QSS2: quantized state systems of order 2; the implementation is the one proposed by Kofman in ‘A Second Order Approximation for DEVS Simulation of Continuous Systems’ (Simulation, 2002).


The vle.adaptative-qss package is a system package. It is available with VLE without installation of any package. The goal of this package is to build ordinary differential equation system without C++ coding. Generic models These packages provides generic models. You can use it directly without changing their source code. Dynamics Descriptions AdaptativeQuantifier The quantifier of the variable. Integrator The integrator of the variable.