Tutorial 02: Lotka-Volterra, observation and conditions

In this tutorial, we create a Lotka-Volterra system solved with Euler. The first part shows you how to develop a such model then we use the experimental conditions to assign value from the VPZ and use it directly from R. First, we develop the model vle -P lotka-volterra create Rename the lotka-volterra/src/Simple.cpp into SystemLotkaVolterra.cpp for example and edit the source code like this: #include <vle/value/Value.hpp>#include <vle/devs/Dynamics.hpp> namespace vd = vle::devs; namespace vv = vle::value; namespace examples { class SystemLotkaVolterra : public vd::Dynamics { double X, Y; double alpha, beta, gamma, delta; double step; public: SystemLotkaVolterra(const vd::DynamicsInit& init, const vd::InitEventList& events) : vd::Dynamics(init, events) { X = 1.