Virtual Laboratory Environment

Version 2.0.2

A Modeling & Simulation Environment

VLE 2.0.0 Beta2

The second and last beta of VLE available. Highlights are windows, cvle and gvle. Simulation kernel can now be build with the MSVC 2017 compiler. The Appveyor script is updated and produce a windows installer for each commit. cvle now supports empty value in csv file and use default value of the original vpz. gvle: qcustomplot updated to version 2, svg export, more console feedback.

More details on the VLE 2.0 page. Binary and source package and Git are up-to-date.


Gauthier Quesnel (58):

  • cmake: remove old valgrind suppression list
  • win32: updated documentation and scripts
  • cmake: replaced old win32 documentation
  • appveyor: updated to automatically produce the Win32 installer
  • README: improved links to appveyor
  • devs: replaced Trace macro with function
  • devs: added two Trace functions in Dynamics class
  • all: fixed implicit integer/real conversion
  • vpz: removed old GVLE 1.x functions
  • utils: simplified the DateTime API
  • all: updated source code
  • cvle: updated coding style
  • cvle: removed unused variables
  • cvle: manage empty columns in cvle plan
  • vle: removed boost::mpi boost::serialization dependencies
  • cvle: replaced boost::mpi source code with mpi.h API
  • cvle: fixed csv template generation
  • devs: fixed visibility of the global Trace function
  • cvle: fixed bad access to indices vectors
  • value: fixed csv output stream for Map and Matrix
  • cvle: fixed csv format generation
  • travis: added gcc 6, 7 and 8
  • utils: fixed compilation error with gcc >= 6
  • travis: removed gcc 8
  • utils: fixed DataTime buffer
  • utils: fixed a catch code
  • utils: fixed use of noexcept in swap member
  • cvle: added missing standard header
  • cvle: fixed compilation error with gcc >= 8
  • travis: re-enabled gcc 8
  • cvle: added row id in simulation name
  • devs: enabled the instance in plug-in output
  • cvle: added row id in output file
  • travis: enable cvle and mvle build
  • travis: replace libopenmpi 1.6 with libmpich 3
  • devs: fixed Trace function output
  • cli: protects access to log attribute
  • aqss: adds some new line in Trace functions
  • vle: modernize source code
  • utils: remove useless typepdef
  • vpz: remove useless typepdef
  • gvle: add a popup/notification widget
  • gvle: throw exception if domparser fails
  • gvle: fixes invalid vpz detection
  • gvle: fixes vpz xml structures in test
  • utils: remove C macro from context
  • aqss: fix integer cast from std::size_t to long
  • all: add ciso646 standard header
  • test: fix integer cast from size_t to long
  • fs: fix integer cast from size_t to DWORD
  • test: remove useless code in C++ version > 11
  • fs: fix header for both mingw and vs
  • win32: hides implementation details in cpp
  • iss: fix installation paths for opengl libraries
  • cmake: fix windows port with UtilsWin in cpp file
  • utils: fix context with local initialization for win32
  • win32: fix API/ABI problem between Qt and Rtools gcc
  • utils: add missing header algorithm

Patrick Chabrier (4):

  • gvle: update qcustomplot to Version: 2.0.0
  • gvle: enhancing zoom for the simulation panel
  • gvle: add a DEVS diagram SVG export
  • gvle: add a file loading control

Ronan Trépos (1):

  • cmake: fix the use of WITH_DEBUG for static lib

Eric Casellas (1):

  • gvle: added console log feedback


Gauthier Quesnel (2):

  • context: use Rprintf/REprintf to show message
  • Use Rprintf/REprintf to show error message
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