Virtual Laboratory Environment

Version 2.0.2

A Modeling & Simulation Environment

VLE 2.0.0 Beta1

The first beta of VLE available. Highlights are: better Win32 support, many small corrections and some improvements.

More details on the VLE 2.0 page. Binary and source package and Git are up-to-date.


Gauthier Quesnel (37)

  • vle: add new preprocessor variables to enable/disable debug
  • macx: improves the MacOS X port
  • utils: fix unix findInstallPrefix function
  • utils: update MacOS X findPrefix, Library
  • utils: remove twice definition of is(str) and to(str)
  • gvle: remove unused variable
  • gvle: add override keyword for virtual functions
  • gvle: rename setModel to selectModel to avoid conflicts
  • gvle: remove explicit call to std::move
  • utils: remove the unused de-mangle feature
  • aqss: remove useless gcc warning
  • template: update default cpp file
  • CMake: remove unit_test_framework references
  • REAME: add curl to the dependency list
  • macos: update so/dylib management
  • modernize: use using instead of typedef
  • utils: fix va_list initializer in Exception
  • modernize: replace C header with C++
  • modernize: use override instead of virtual
  • gvle: fix crash at start-up when reading bad Description files
  • template: removes deprecated seed attribute
  • utils: replaces and removes GVLE 1.x functions
  • utils: fix crash when reading malformed [local|remote].pkg
  • gvle: reports context message to the Logger widget
  • 2018: bump the year
  • gvle: fix build since QString::vasprintf available from QT5.5
  • appveyor: enable Windows build
  • template: fixed bad installation notice
  • utils: remove old style exception qualifier
  • windows: switch windows API to unicode
  • qmake: update file
  • cpack: rename the final nsis executable
  • appveyor: update with fully package build
  • template: improved find script
  • vpz: fixed parsing of observation type
  • win32: removed the use of CPack + NSIS
  • vpz: fixed a conversion error

Patrick Chabrier (18)

  • gvle: fix the port tag management
  • gvle: fix the build and the install of the project
  • gvle: add XML attributes order consistency
  • gvle: fix the observables panel layout
  • vle: update the package template
  • gvle: enable to copy data files
  • gvle: enable simulation plug-ins
  • gvle: filter CMakeLists.txt file inside data
  • gvle: fix renaming new empty coupled
  • gvle: enhance the default plot panel.
  • gvle: enable to rename a top model of a class
  • gvle: add a VleLineEditItem
  • gvle: add a VleCodeEdit widget
  • gvle: add a VleDayEdit widget
  • gvle.default: remove boost includes
  • gvle: add a VleComboLineEdit widget
  • cvle: fix the man installation
  • vle: fix the usage of “qmake -query”

Raphaël Duboz (1)

  • Add std::functional header to compile with gcc 7.2.

Ronan Trépos (18)

  • gvle: fix the removing of model port
  • gvle: set status log editable
  • gvle: fix the build and the install of the project
  • utils: fix the unique_path method
  • vpz: fix the removal of views
  • win32: update compiler version and doc
  • win32: add QtXmlPatterns and QtSvg
  • win32: update rvle building doc
  • win32: fix missing libxml2 install in doc
  • utils: fix RemoteManager join for win32
  • win32: update pkgs version and cpack
  • devs: improve instantiation of a model class
  • gvle: fix paste of models
  • win32: update doc install
  • manager: remove temp. files for spawn simulation
  • cmake: fix the use of WITH_DEBUG
  • devs: in Executive, add debug param to createModel
  • vpz: add a function to test existence of a port

Éric Casellas (3)

  • pkgs: fix Builder mask parameter misuse in vle.generic.builder
  • translator: fix missing mask empty cell detection in functions apply_mask and apply_wrap_mask
  • pkgs: fix Builder generator misuse in vle.generic.builder


Gauthier Quesnel (1): - project: fixed many conversion warnings

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