Virtual Laboratory Environment

Version 2.0.2

A Modeling & Simulation Environment

VLE 2.0.0 alpha2

The second alpha of VLE is available. Highlights are: Qt Project support, best Win32 support, new editor in GVLE and many improvements, i386/x86_64 rvle support.

More details on the VLE 2.0 page. Binary and source package and Git are up-to-date.

VFL, VLE, mvle, cvle

  • cmake: add a make uninstall rules
  • test: remove access to template directory
  • test: Fix the package test
  • share: fix template installation in /usr
  • vle: add experimental linux qmake support
  • mailmap: update
  • gvle: update aboutbox
  • gvle: add Ctrl+Q shortcut to quit
  • vle: fix the VLE_STRINGIFY macro
  • gvle: add line number and syntax highlight for C++
  • win32: fix several warning with i386/x86_64 architecture
  • pkgs: add generic models in vle.adaptative-qss
  • pkgs: add GNUPlot atomic model
  • utils: be sure to flush last spawn message
  • vle: fix list command line option
  • qmake: fix missing vle.adaptative-qss/constant model
  • cmake: fix vle.adaptative-qss/Generator model name
  • qmake: fix gvle pkgconfig requirements
  • utils: download remote package file into temporary file
  • git: gitignore++
  • vle: coding style++
  • devs: add header dependencies in vle::devs::DynamicsInit
  • mvle: fix memory leaks in error management
  • devs: remove dead code in InitEventList
  • vpz: fix potential segfault in Class and Model copy
  • utils: remove dead code
  • vpz: fix unit test with NULL pointer
  • vpz: fix memory management and NULL pointer in unit-test
  • vpz: fix sax parser graph initialization
  • value: fix memory management in unit-test
  • gvle: remove useless std::move function
  • utils: move win32 headers in last position
  • [gvle] extend configure to data metadata
  • gvle: fix the status button visibility
  • [cvle] add a withoutspawn option
  • [cvle] add the possibility to read complex values
  • [manager] give error in sub process
  • [vpz] SaxParser: use BUFSIZ when parsing memory
  • [cvle] report simulation erreur to master
  • [gvle] improve diff stack traces
  • [win gvle] avoid the use of std::make_unique
  • [gvle default] fix segfault
  • [gvle.default] fix the launching of simulation
  • gvle.default: improve Date conditions
  • gvle.default: modify debug mode of simulation
  • gvle.default: remove useless update
  • gvle.default: avoid resetting to top left
  • gvle.default: improve VpzDiagScene
  • cmake: fix management of system packages
  • [gvle.default] simplify project page
  • gvle.default: fix the renaming of view
  • win32: fix the vle command for simulation
  • gvle: fix the order of call to main application
  • win32: fix doc
  • gvle.default: remove header functions
  • utils: add stats functions in Rand


  • README: switches from Rst to Markdown
  • project: add a mailmap file
  • update DESCRIPTION
  • build: simplify building package
  • README: update
  • DESCRIPTION: update
  • add the possibility to run without spawn


  • project: add a mailmap file
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