Virtual Laboratory Environment

A Modeling & Simulation Environment

VLE 2.0 alpha coming soon

The new stable version of VLE, now called 2.0 is coming soon. This version introduces new stable API, new GUI, new features. More details on the VLE 2.0 page. The source are available in Github. Please try it! Public API changes are important C++11⁄14 is now the default for the API and all public pointer are managed with std::unique_ptr and std::shared_ptr to limit user memory management. Many public API are move into the darkness.

VLE 1.1.3

A new stable version of VLE 1.1 is available. This version introduces CVLE, a HPC simulation tools to build experimental frame and a lot of bug fixes. More details on the VLE 1.1 page. As usual, the source are available in Github or in tarball on this server. Important features Add a new cluster simulations tools that run big experimental frames from input files. Important bug fixes Fix an important bug with definition of infinity and negativeInfinity predicates in the vle::devs namespace.


Two new tutorials are available. In the first we will create simulation of two models: an event generator and a event counter from scratch. The second tutorial we will create a Lotka-Volterra system solved with Euler. We observe results in output file and finally we use RVLE to change experimental conditions and perform many simulations.

A new website

Finally, we offer a new website that responds our expectations. The documentation, tutorials, and other details are being migrated. The previous website is still available.