Virtual Laboratory Environment

Version 2.1.0

A Modeling & Simulation Environment


The vle.adaptative-qss package is a system package. It is available with VLE without installation of any package. The goal of this package is to build ordinary differential equation system without C++ coding.

Generic models

These packages provides generic models. You can use it directly without changing their source code.

Dynamics Descriptions
AdaptativeQuantifier The quantifier of the variable.
Integrator The integrator of the variable.
Adder Each value receives on input port is added to each other and send to the output port.
Generator Value read from experimental condition are send to the output port.
Mult Each value receives on input port is multiplied to each other and send to the output port.
Constant Send a constant value on its output ports.

Plot models

This package shows at run-time of the simulation the output of atomic models into a GNUPlot window or windows if several atomic models are used. Each input port is associated to a column data with the input port name as label. The dynamic have two optional parameters:

gnuplot-duration (double)
Duration in second between two redraw of the GNUPlot window. The default value is 0.3s.
gnuplot-command (string)
The command to access the GNUPlot executable. Default the gnuplot (or gnuplot.exe) command is search in PATH environment variable.


This example of a simple [lotka volterra system]( forge/packages/tree/master/vle.adaptative-qss.examples) is available as source code in the packages repository. To get it, use the following commands:

git clone
cd package
vle -P vle.adaptative-qss.examples clean rclean configure build
VLE 2, vle.adaptative-qss, Lotka Volterra extension