Virtual Laboratory Environment

Version 2.1.0

A Modeling & Simulation Environment


Useful packages

VLE provides its own packages distribution. It contains packages for modelling extensions, outputs, generic tools and generic models.

Packages provided with this distribution are:

Package Description
ext.lua Allow the use of lua
ext.muparser Allow the use of muparser
gvle.discrete-time GVLE’s Discrete time modelling extension
gvle.forrester GVLE’s Forrester Diagrams extension (based on vle.ode)
vle.discrete-time Discrete time modelling extension
vle.examples Lot of examples
vle.adaptative-qss QSS ordinary differential equation solver without coding
vle.extension.celldevs Cell DEVS modelling extension
vle.extension.cellqss Cell QSS modelling extension
vle.extension.decision Decision making modelling extension
vle.extension.dsdevs Dynamic Structure generic model
vle.extension.fsa Finite State Automaton modelling extension
vle.extension.petrinet Petrinet modelling extension
vle.ode Ordinary differential equation solver (QSS2, Euler, RK4)
vle.reader Tools to parse files
vle.recursive Tools to perform multi simulations
vle.tester Tools to simplify the writing of simulation tests

Install packages

Command line

To install packages using the CLI option remote, use the following command:

vle --remote update
vle --remote install vle.extension.decision


From GVLE, in the Packages menu:

  • First, in the Distribution submenu, checks vle.
  • Then, in the Packages submenu, checks wanted package.


The distribution is available on [this website](http://www.vle- and the [source code repository]( forge/packages)

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