Virtual Laboratory Environment

Version 2.1.0

A Modeling & Simulation Environment

vle-home variable

The VLE home directory contains binaries of packages, configuration file and log files. You should not use directly this directory unless you know what you are doing. It has the following hierarchy:

  ├─ pkgs-2.0       ; the directory of VLE's packages
  │   └─ vle.output ; an example of package: vle.output.
  │   └─ mypackage  ; another example of package: mypackage.
  └─ vle.log        ; log of previous execution of VLE
  └─ rvle.log       ; log of previous execution of rvle
  └─ vle.conf       ; the configuration file of VLE

The VLE_HOME environment variable

VLE_HOME refers to the location of the VLE home directory. It can be set using the environment variable VLE_HOME. If the environment variable is not defined, VLE uses the default path:

  • $HOME/.vle on Unix/Linux systems (eg. /home/user/.vle).
  • $HOME/vle on Win32 systems which corresponds to the variables: %HOME%\vle (eg. c:\\users\\vle).

The packages in VLE_HOME/pkgs-2.0 are binaries of packages, they are automatically placed into this directory once a source package is built. To compile a package see the VLE application and more precisely the commands configure and build in package mode.

The vle.conf file contains the global settings for VLE. It allows for example to give the number of threads when building a package, or giving remote URL for downloading and installing packages.

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