Virtual Laboratory Environment

Version 2.1.0

A Modeling & Simulation Environment

Configuration file


The VLE configuration file provides preferences that users can set. You can find this file into the VLE_HOME directory: VLE_HOME/vle-2.0.conf. There are shared for all the projects on your computer. Each line represents one preference, the format is the following variable=value. The difference preferences are listed below:
gvle.editor.font=Monospace 10
gvle.editor.indent-size=4 10
vle.command.dir.copy=cmake -E copy_directory '%1%' '%2%'
vle.command.dir.remove=cmake -E remove_directory '%1%'
vle.command.tar=cmake -E tar jcf '%1%' '%2%'
vle.command.untar=cmake -E tar jxf '%1%'
vle.command.url.get=curl --progress-bar '%1%' -o '%2%'
vle.command.vle.simulation=vle-2.0--write-output '%1%' '%2%' --build '%1%' --target all
vle.packages.clean=cmake --build '%1%' --target clean
vle.packages.install=cmake --build '%1%' --target install
vle.packages.package=cmake --build '%1%' --target package_source
vle.packages.test=cmake --build '%1%' --target test

How to modify the preferences

You can directly edit the vle-2.0.conf file, or You can use the command line interface in configuration mode. For example, the following command will modify the font of the GVLE.

vle -C gvle.editor.font=Monospace 9

In these two cases, the modification can lead to dysfunctions of VLE. To reset the preferences, simply remove the vle.conf file and call vle --restart from the CLI.

GVLE preferences

The preferences that starts with gvle.* stands for graphical preferences of GVLE. The GVLE application provides tools to modify them, but you can directly set these preferences.

The packages preferences

The package preferences (starting with vle.packages.*) are essentially preferences for the building process of packages. For example if you want to use parallel build of make you can use the following command (in this example using 3 threads):

vle -C --build '%1%'  --target all -- -j3

The remote preferences

The remote preferences (starting with vle.remote.*) are the preferences related to the remote features of VLE. You can for example add remote URL pointing to a package distribution.

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