Virtual Laboratory Environment

Version 2.1.0

A Modeling & Simulation Environment

Qt Creator support

Since version 2.0, VLE supports the Qt Creator IDE and qmake. Qt Creator is a cross-platform IDE that includes productivity tools to speed up development time. Thanks to qmake, an Official support for MacOS10 should appear in future releases. CMake remains the official project generator but qmake allow quick development of GVLE or GVLE’s plug-ins.


Install Qt Creator with Qt5 development files from your package manager on Linux or from the Qt website on MacOS or Windows then, import VLE from the Git version control. Be sure you have install libxml2 and the boost libraries and you may configure and build the VLE project.


Under Linux, the default installation is done in the $HOME/usr prefix. To enable the use of the debugger, you may add a make install deployment pre-process and use the $PREFIX/usr/bin/gvle executable in the executable project settings.

Initialize the debugger settings
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