Virtual Laboratory Environment

Version 2.0.2

A Modeling & Simulation Environment

vle packages distribution

VLE provides its own packages distribution (see Package Distribution). It contains packages for modeling extensions, outputs and tools.

The VLE packages provided by this distribution are :

  • vle.output : management of simulation outputs (file, console, etc..)
  • ext.muparser : required for vle.forrester only
  • vle.extension.difference-equation : modelisation of difference equations
  • vle.extension.differential-equations : modelisation of differential equations (Euler, RK4 and QSS2 integration scheme)
  • vle.extension.decision : modelisation of decision processes
  • vle.extension.dsdevs : Dynamic Structure DEVS
  • vle.extension.fsa : finite state automata
  • vle.extension.petrinet : modelisation of petrinets
  • vle.extension.celldevs : cellular automata
  • vle.extension.cellqss
  • vle.forrester : Forrester based modelisation (system dynamics)
  • vle.examples : some VLE examples and packages tests

Install packages using the CLI option remote

vle --remote update
vle --remote install vle.extension.difference-equation

Install packages by downloading the source code

The URL of the distribution is : A global archive is also provided on the VLE website : VLE 1.1 specific page.

Install packages using the package repository

The source code is on a separate github repository:

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