Virtual Laboratory Environment

Version 2.0.2

A Modeling & Simulation Environment

upgrade from vle 1.0.3 to vle 1.1

Upgrade vle to vle 1.1

On linux: install missing packages, see the building from source page. Then install from sources.

On Win32, remove the Mingw and CMake software since they are now embedded into VLE, unless you use it for other applications. And install vle-1.1.

Upgrade your package developped under vle-1.0.3

First of all you should save your package before trying to update it. The modifications to perform on your package proposed here rely on the fact that you did not modified the mentioned files. While updating these files, you should also take into account the modifications you performed.

Update the cmake scripts.

a) In the directory mypkg/cmake, remove all files and add all files are here:

b) Replace the file mypkg/CMakeLists.txt by this one Update the project name : replace MyProject into the line PROJECT(MyProject) by your package name. Uncomment all extensions you need for your package, eg. remove the symbol # in front of

VLE_CHECK_PACKAGE(DIFFERENCE_EQU vle.extension.difference-equation)  
  message(SEND_ERROR "Missing vle.extension.difference-equation")

c) Replace the file mypkg/src/CMakeLists.txt with the file here Into this file declare the dynamics you compile for example replace the line DeclareDevsDynamics(Simple "Simple.cpp") by :

DeclareDifferenceEquationDynamics(Mymodel "Mymodel.cpp")
DeclareFsaDynamics(MymodelFsa "MymodelFsa.cpp")

Update the cpp files into mypkg/src/

a) replace macros DECLARE_NAMED_DYNAMICS with DECLARE_DYNAMICS. Only one dynamic can be defined into a library. If you have more than one of these macro (for example also DECLARE_DYNAMICS_DBG), you should split them into different cpp files and declare as many as dynamics as those files (see 1.c).

b) if the dynamic uses the random number generator utils::Rand, it has to be declared as a class member of the dynamic because PRNG is not provided at the level of the simulation. So add a class member to your dynamic.

#include <vle/utils/Rand.hpp>
vle::utils::Rand mrand;

c) replace all occurences of vle::devs::Time::infinity with vle::devs::infinity.

d) many includes have changed : no more global include for value, utils, devs… For example :

replace #include <vle/value.hpp> with #include <vle/value/Matrix.hpp> if you intend to use matrices.

replace #include<vle/utils.hpp> with #include <vle/utils/DateTime.hpp> if you need to convert dates

This is also true for extensions, which are now part of packages: For example,

replace #include <vle/extension/DifferenceEquation.hpp> with #include <vle/extension/difference-equation/Multiple.hpp>.

e) replace the call to output.addEvent(evt) by output.push_back(evt) (mainly in Decision and Executive extensions)

Update the vpz files into mypkg/exp/

a) using a text editor, remove the xml tag for replicas, remove a line which looks like :

<replicas seed="581869302" number="1" />

b) update the output tag to point output plugins to vle.output ; e.g : replace

<output name="vueHorloge" location="" format="local" plugin="file" >


<output name="vueHorloge" location="" format="local"
        package="vle.output" plugin="file" >

c) update the dynamics : set the name of the package and the library. The tag “Model” is no more used because there is only one dynamic by library

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