Virtual Laboratory Environment

Version 2.0.2

A Modeling & Simulation Environment


RVLE, is a R Package, to call VLE’s API from R. This package allows to open packages, to read VPZ, assign experimental conditions to the models, call the simulator, build experimental frames and capture result of simulation into matrix or dataframe.


Documentation is included into the R package.


A simple example of the basic API usage:

f <-"test_simulation.vpz", pkg="test_port")
result <-
checkEquals(class(result$view), "data.frame")

Install requirements for rvle (Windows)

  • download R and install it. You have to use the 32 bits application R i386.
  • install vle
  • add an environment variable VLE_HOME with value c:\users\login\vle (replace login with your own login name). The directory must exist before launching application.
  • install the R Package RUnit from the CRAN:
install.packages("RUnit") #or use the menu 'Packages'

Install rvle for Windows

  • you can get Win32 binary of rvle on the Download Page of vle-1.1
  • install rvle by choosing into the menu install packages from local zip file.

Get source code

An archive of source code can be found on the Download Page of vle-1.1

You can also get sources from git repository

git clone
cd rvle/
git checkout -b v1.1 origin/v1.1

Install package for Linux

  • install R
  • install package RUnit
  • get source code
  • read the README.rst file at the root of the directory (rvle).
cd rvle/
cd ..

Generate binary on Win32 (not recommended)

It is assumed that you used the standard procedure described here to build vle.

First, install requirements for rvle. Then, use a MinGW shell, not that we used the windows prompt for vle .

export PATH=/C/MinGW/msys/1.0/bin:/c/Program\ Files/R/R-3.1.0/bin/:/c/Rtools/bin:/c/gtkmm/bin:/c/natifvle/install/vle/bin:$PATH
export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/c/gtkmm/lib/pkgconfig:/C/MinGW/lib/pkgconfig:/c/natifvle/install/vle/lib/pkgconfig
export BOOST_ROOT=/C/natifvle/install/boost
cd /c/natifvle/rvle
cd ..
R CMD INSTALL --build rvle
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