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Open a text file with gvle: encoding error

If you get this type of error: This file isn't UTF-8 valid. Please convert this file with your source code editor it is probably because the text editor embedded in gvle exclusively uses the UTF-8 encoding. Please, convert your file using your preferred text editor software or one of the following good solutions.

  • vim, gvim (Windows & Linux), open one or several files and write on the command line:
" file conversion precessing"
:set fileencoding=utf-8
" convert all open buffers"
:argdo :set fileencoding=utf-8 | update
  • iconv (Linux) a specialized command to automatize the conversion process (two examples):
# To convert the cpp file:
iconv -t utf-8 model.cpp -o model.cpp.utf8
mv model.cpp.utf8 model.cpp
# To convert several cpp files:
ls *.cpp | xargs -t -i bash -c "iconv -t utf-8 {} -o {}.utf8 ; mv {}.utf8 {}"

Issues by OS


Link edition error while running VLE or GLVE

If, after the installation of the Deb or the RPM package for VLE, you note that one of the dynamic libraries is not available (for instance: libboost-filesystem-1.34.1.so), it means that the binary package we provide is not compatible with your OS. If the missing library is not available in the good version for your OS, we advice you to compile sources of VLE on your OS.

centOS 6.2: make error building CXX object

This in an unresolved problem occuring with this distribution. It is suspected that gtkmm version is too much old.

debian 6.0.4: dpkg error: impossible de créer « /usr/share/vle-1.0/README.dpkg-new »

The problem arise with a cmake bug. In order to avoid it, enter the two following commands:

sudo make install
sudo dpkg -i vle-1.0.2-Linux-i686.deb

and finish with

sudo make install


Windows seven: Installing package rvel in R: error with zlib1.dll

The problem occurs while installing rvle. rvle use a library named zlib1.dll, but another software also use its own zlib1.dll. So there is a conflict between them. The easiest way to resolve the problem is to copy:


and to paste it in


replacing user by your account name and xx by the R version you use, and i386 depends on your processor.

Installing a new version of VLE: error detecting Boost

If you have an arror related to the Boost library after the installation of VLE for Windows, it is probably because you have already another version of VLE installed. It is not recommended to install two different version of VLE. If you really want several version of VLE, you have to modify environment variables by hand i.e. delete references to the old version and keep the new ones for the 4 following variables: BOOST_ROOT, BOOST_INCLUDEDIR, BOOST_LIBRARYDIR et PKG_CONFIG_PATH.

Using the the standard output stream and GVLE

If you want to print to a console messages, just do it by the regular way by inserting inside your own code line like this:

std::cout << " a debug message" <<std::endl;

Then you will have to get the Windows command line, and launch gvle either like this

C:\Documents an Settings\me>gvle > mylogfile

in order to get all the messages inside the "mylogfile" file. Or you can launch gvle like this:

C:\Documents an Settings\me>gvle | more

in order to see the messages directly on the terminal, by using the "more" command coming with MinGW.

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