Current versions

We manage three version of VLE:

  • VLE 1.0.3: The latest stable version of VLE. See the special VLE 1.0 page.
  • VLE 1.1.0-beta4: The current development version of VLE. See the special VLE 1.1 page.
  • VLE 0.8.9: The old stable version of VLE. Please, switch to VLE 1.0 or VLE 1.1. See the special VLE 0.8 page.

Release policy

The release policy changes from VLE 1.1. The version number rules are:

  • Major: major feature changes.
  • Minor: new features, new improvements.
  • Patch: bug fixes, little improvements.

The couple major.minor defines a stable release, for example VLE 1.0, VLE 1.1 or VLE 2.0. The patch number indicates bug fixes in current stable release. We ensure stable API and ABI for stable version. In the same major version, we try to keep same API.

From VLE 1.1, we propose four stable versions by year. We provide four date by year to integrate new features and improvements: 1st april, 1st august and 1st december. These date define the 1st beta version. However, now, for all developers, we need to integrate unit test for each patchs in VFL, VLE and MVLE. For more informations, send mail to [].

Source code repositories

Source code are available on Github organization or Sourceforge. Binaries are only available on Sourceforge. We use Git and GitHub to develop VLE. Thus, if you want to use the latest development version of VLE, use the following commands:

git clone git://
git clone git://
git clone git://
git clone git://

Nightly builds

Every night, the version under development of VLE is compiled. You can test this version by downloading files (sources, Debian or Redhat package and Win32 installer) from the nightly build packages repository.

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