Bug Report

The bug reports are vital for vle-forge organization. It is very important for us that the stable versions of VLE are the most stable: without crash, without minor bug and without translation error. So, if you discover a bug in the VLE project, do not hesitate to warn developers.

Bugs Reporting

The bug reports are to be made in our vle-forge organization.

Building a bug report

The more precise is your bug report, the more it will be simple to reproduce and to fix. If you are using Linux, install the Gdb program which must be packaged on your Linux distribution and type the following commands:

$ gdb --args vle [parameters]
(gdb) catch throw 
(gdb) run
... signaled error
(gdb) bt or bt full
... stack of calls ...

To debug from the main function of VLE:

$ gdb --args vle [paramètres]
(gdb) catch throw 
(gdb) break main  # to add a breakpoint from the main function
(gdb) break 'vle::RootCoordinator::run' # to add a breakpoint on the main loop simulation function
(gdb) next / step
(gdb) bt or bt full
... stack of calls ...

To report a bug, please copy out this stack of calls in your e-mail. If it is an error in GVLE replace the name of the program in the command-line provided as argument to Gdb.

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