Windows Installation

Uninstall VLE 1.0 or 1.1 If you have already install VLE 1.0 or VLE 1.1, you may: Uninstall the previous version Remove the remaining variable PKG_CONFIG_PATH (only earlies versions) Uninstall/remove the Mingw32 compiler (if not needed by another application) Uninstall CMake (if not required by another application) Installation of VLE First, download the installer from this website vle-2.0.0-alpha1.exe (380 MB) and install VLE in a path without spaces.


Binaries OSX 10.10+ Linux Minimum Windows 7+ Dependencies Strong dependencies: libxml2 (≥ 2.8) boost (≥ 1.49) CMake (≥ 3.0) C++14 compiler (gcc ≥ 5.0, clang ≥ 3.3, intel icc (≥ 11.0) Optional MPI dependency for cluster: Any MPI2 library sush as OpenMpi, mpich Optional GVLE support: Qt5 Qt Creator IDE Building options For each platform, building process can be controlled using arguments of CMake line: