Keywords Concepts: kernel, packages, extensions, distributions. Programs: vle, gvle, rvle, pyvle. C++: VLE’s API, VPZ format, debug model. Kernel In VLE, we have implemented the DSDE abstract simulator developed by Fernando J. Barros which enable parallelization of atomic models and dynamic structure changes during simulation. We also introduced an observation framework in the DEVS kernel simulator of VLE. Packages VLE packages are standard Unix tar archives optionally compressed with gzip or bzip2 which can store the source code of the models, documentation and data.


The Virtual Laboratory Environment is a multi-modeling and simulation platform. It is a powerful modeler and simulator supporting the use of different formalisms for models specification and simulation. VLE is particularly well adapted for complex models where the coupling of different formalisms is required. In addition to the classical use of one single formalism for modeling and simulation, VLE can integrate, i.e. couple, heterogeneous formalisms in one coherent simulation model.