How to discuss with developers or users?


The VLE project has an IRC channel available on the Freenode server. This channel requires no password. You can use any standard IRC client client: Pidgin, xchat (for Windows or Linux), Adium (for Mac OS X) or irssi.

The parameters to be configured are:

  • Host: irc.freenode.net
  • Port: 8001 (or 6667 If the first one does not work)
  • Channel: #vle
  • Encoding: UTF-8 (preferably)

Mailing lists

Via the Sourceforge web site, we have created a set of mailing lists for the discussions on VLE generally, its evolution, bug reports, features requests, etc. in French or English.

Some remarks on the use of the VLE mailing lists:

  • Before sending an e-mail on a bugs report, a features request, please verify that an answer does not exist in archives in the FAQ or on the rest of the web site.
  • Attachments are limited to 40 KB. If you want to send more important attachments, place the file(s) on a server and send the URL to the list.
  • Do not send e-mail in HTML format.