Virtual Laboratory Environment

A Modeling & Simulation Environment

VLE 1.1.3

A new stable version of VLE 1.1 is available. This version introduces CVLE, a HPC simulation tools to build experimental frame and a lot of bug fixes. More details on the VLE 1.1 page. As usual, the source are available in Github or in tarball on this server. Important features Add a new cluster simulations tools that run big experimental frames from input files. Important bug fixes Fix an important bug with definition of infinity and negativeInfinity predicates in the vle::devs namespace.


Two new tutorials are available. In the first we will create simulation of two models: an event generator and a event counter from scratch. The second tutorial we will create a Lotka-Volterra system solved with Euler. We observe results in output file and finally we use RVLE to change experimental conditions and perform many simulations.

A new website

Finally, we offer a new website that responds our expectations. The documentation, tutorials, and other details are being migrated. The previous website is still available.